New ‘Curbside Pick-Up’ Notifications on Google Business Listings Greatly Help Facilitate Contact-Less Options

In order to greatly help facilitate contact-less options amid COVID-19, Google has added a new ‘curbside pickup’ listing option for businesses, via both local inventory ads and Google My Business profiles.

As you can see in the left screenshot , businesses can now avail themselves of an easily identifiable and new  ‘Curbside Pickup’ label that will be added to local inventory ads. This could help attract more business without the need for further clicking through into the ad. A Stellar Addition In our Opinion !

Send an email to [email protected] or call 404 480 4064

This option is primarily available for local inventory Ads but can also be added to your Google My Business profile, which will then be displayed in Search and Maps. This is a good, simple way to facilitate the same informational purpose, which, again, could help to meet customer demand.

Both are relatively minor additions, but as noted, they could make it easier to cater to alternate needs, and to ensure your listings stand out for customers looking to maintain social distancing requirements.

It’s not available in all regions so contact us at [email protected] to learn how we can help get this added to your business listing.

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