Why is Walmart killing off its most popular Online Shopping App ?

To date shoppers had to visit two different Walmart apps to shop  –

  1. The Walmart Grocery App : To order groceries online.
  2. The Walmart.com App : For everything else from Walmart

Walmart is shutting down its stand alone online grocery app, and will now allow shoppers to order groceries and general merchandise in one place: the Walmart.com app.

“We don’t ask customers to make two trips to the store, one for groceries and one for all the other things they need, so we shouldn’t ask them to visit two apps,” said Janey Whiteside, Walmart’s chief customer officer.

The Walmart app will now enable shoppers to merchandise, as well as groceries all in one place as well as provide access to store maps and the Walmart’s payment system, Walmart Pay.

That’s a brilliant move Walmart! The online retailer wars are heating up between Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more. It’s almost game time!

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